International Alzheimer Day in Bucharest, Romania

International Alzheimer Day
Remember me - 3rd edition
21 September 2018, Bucharest, Romania

As autumn began this year, Alzheimer Romanian Society held the third edition of the International Alzheimer Day. As in the previous year the meeting took place at the Romanian Academy Library in Bucharest.

The event was promoted through mass media and social media, and it was nice to see that it attracted an important number of participants. Their profile ranged from medical doctors, medical researchers, both formal and informal caregivers, NGO’s, volunteers and elder people as well.
The meeting was branched into three parts, starting with an opening session about national strategies on dementia management, the role of the general practitioner and medical assistants, models of services development and public policies.

Fallowing this section, the talks concentrated on standards for patient care with Alzheimer’s disease, importance of cognitive stimulation, role of local communities role and improvement.

The day ended with a session about implemented, on-going national projects and medical research about dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, such as:

  • ELMI Project – Enhancing Labour Market Integration of Elderly Family Careers Through Skills Improving
  • BeOLD – Better Work in Old Age: Supporting older workers and organizational environment in coping with age transitions and work requirements
  • SUCCESS – SUccessful Caregiver Communication and Everyday Situation Support in dementia care

Closing session allowed time for networking and contact exchange which gave the participants a chance to check and see if they can help each other via more direct methods. This occasion was of great importance to FaTHER to promote the POSTHCARD project to Romanian Alzheimer Society board members and receive feedback from various participants with technology profile projects.

We’re looking forward on the next moment in which we’ll be presenting POSTHCARD project to local community and we would like to gather as much attention as possible for the next events.