Hope Channel TV interview

Fallowing an invitation from the Hope Channel TV Romania, FaTHER team presented the POSTHCARD project in special session of interview.
This was a great opportunity for us to spread the word about our involvement in the Alzheimer care services and also to gather more attention towards our endeavour.

The interview was extensive covering both aspects related to the origin and foundation of the project and also about the long run process in which the project must undergo, such as the Pilot Testing and the Commercialization phase.
It is well worth to notice that through this kind of occasion the project has a far greater reach to its possible end users and we are looking forward to the next one as they invited us again when we will be ready to launch the platform.

Hope Channel TV is a wide spread television network providing programs contextualized to the language and culture of their audience and is known for promoting a well balanced life and life-enhancing solutions.