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FaTHER – Feel The Route


Feel The Route device is designed as an excellent guide for blind people. It guides the user in urban areas through special vibration. Using the sense of touch, the user can navigate in the desired direction. Once the route has been set, the user will not have to make extra actions or gestures on the device to reach the destination. Everything happens almost naturally.



The system is based on an application for smartphones and it is able to follow the route that has been set by its user. Further the application transmits information to a hardware device, integrated into everyday objects: for example the white cane for the blind persons or a bracelet. The hardware device translates the upcoming crossroad of the trail in a specific vibration, so the user could know if he must choose left or right, or he has to stop - all according to the vibrations they feel. To take possession of a device Feel The Route please use the contact page.

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