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We believe that everyone has the right to autonomy, irrespective of their condition or situation. Even persons deprived of their sense of sight should have the freedom of movement. Our mission is to provide that solution, which sighted people long for. Therefore we created the device Feel The Route through what these people are guided in the urban environement using their bodies sensory function. Thus, the quality of life is increased and ensured by the possibility of achieving an independent and pleasant movement guaranteed by devices that use modern technologies.



The primary goal of our company is to provide and ensure the independence movement in the urban environment for visually impaired persons. For now we are located and implement services in România, but in the near future, we will be open worldwide.




The device is developed and backed by a team of professionals with expertise. The entire project is coordinated by a project manager with extensive experience in European and national projects in areas such as sensor networks, Ambient Assisted Living, eHealth and telecommunications. Our team wants through its technological efforts to help the visually disabled community, and to make a product more accessible than what currently exists on the market.

This project has been declared winner of an European funding.